All things radio controlled

Anyone here into rc . I am lets se what you got or what your into. I have planes,boats,quadcopters. Ill post some pics of what Im working on shortly.


My son used to have a couple of boats and rockets. Very cool while it lasted. Also a rc dragster. Back in the day my brother and I had nitro fueled airplanes. I think it was my fault it crashed. Never did fix it back up. He probably beat my ass too.LOL.

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i got a few 1/10 trucks. brushless upgrades and lipo batteries are amazing. got a armma senton truck thats super fun and tough. i forget the brand, but its the red c10 street truck. it was crazy fast after i upgraded, but then one day at full speed, lost connection with the controller and hit straight into a curb. shit exploded. i tried rebuilding it, but its never been the same



I drive it with remote at work

Screenshot_20220323-182148_Samsung Internet

The remote control


Now that’s some serious rc action. Thats really cool , full scale rc . Looks like a really fun job. !!!

Well here are some pics.

So 1st pic is a rc10 b4.1 brushless 1/10 . The 2nd pics are my losi rally 1/24 highly modded and the 3rd pics as re a fully 3d printed rc snowmobile which is aweskme shit.

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Never seen a r/c snowmobile. That’s looks fun af.

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Both of these are brushless on 3s lip. The c10 was crazy fast and drifts everywhere, until it hit the curb, rip. The armma is a beast tho, it goes anywhere and tough as hell.
Also have a redcat monster truck, aluminum everything and brushless, but lost interest when I got the other two.


Nice . Ive read and herd Arma is tough as nails. Im looking at buying a Axial ryft and sc24 ceawler.

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Yeah bro its fast super fast . Its my buddies sled. Im gonna have one printed for me probably blue and green. Every peice even the tracks are all printed. Thays also my next investment is a 3d printer.

That’s amazing. 3D printers are definitely they way to go if you get a good one and know how to use it

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I bult this a few years ago its an old tonka body on a summit frame. Uses a go pro to drive it with a heads up display go pro turns in the same direction as the wheels And i used an old school gi joe body as a driver and when you turn the 4 wheel drive on he raises his arm up and a sound box does the general lee horn








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Have a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter with Display on remote, Parkzone Radian electric Glider with 20mm (79 inch) wingspan, Parkzone J-3 cub electric, and several Electric RC trucks. Big boys toys for fun a the park where I take my dogs to go run around : )

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Thats pretty cool shit bro . your aleays building sometging cool …