Actual cycle of an IFBB pro coach to a future pro bodybuilder!

Hello guys. My good friend is currently one of the best young bodybuilders in the United States right now and is working with a big IFBB coach. He sent me his off-season cycle and I know you guys would like to see it. He’ll be competing at nationals 2022 and will most likely win. He’s only 24 years old and 5"10ish 270 in good condition. Now to go good stuff…

The cycle
Sust: 250mg 1cc M/W/F
Test prop: 100mg EOD
EQ: 300mg M/Th
NPP: 75mg EOD
Anadrol: 25mg with meal 1, 25mg with meal 3 and meal 5.
GH- 7IU Serostim in the middle of the night.
Adex: .5mg EOD

This was an off season push to put on size after an injury. I was surprised all the GH was at once -not what I would do but okay. Hope you guys enjoy.


Thanks man. Best of luck to his upcoming comp. Damn he is young and in the prime. How tall is he for 270?

I like how he split that anadrol. Great looking cycle.


Now that’s a cycle. Thanks for sharing MJK :facepunch:t2:


About 5"10. Just updated the post to add that.

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