73 Horrible Workout & Diet Tips

Weed through all the bad advice and misguided information tossed around gyms and the Internet. These tips help you to remove the confusion and improve results.

1. Deep squats are bad for your knees.

2. Crunches and sit ups give you six pack abs.

3. You can only train each body part once a week.

4. You must confuse the muscles by changing workouts every 8-12 weeks.

5. Training longer than 60 minutes is catabolic.

6. You need to train more than 3 days per week to see quality results.

7. You should perform cardio before your resistance training.

8. Cardio alone can help you build a dream body.

9. Your knees should never go past your toes when squatting.

10. You should drop calories dramatically when starting a fat loss diet.

11. You need to target a muscle from every possible angle.

12. Low bar squats aren't good for building muscle mass.

13. Deadllifts are primarily a quad exercise.

14. A pump is required to build muscle.

15. It's impossible to lose weight and get stronger.

16. You need volume training to get big.

17. For better chest gains, never bring the bar down to your chest when bench pressing.

18. You don't need to get stronger to get bigger.

19. Switch to lighter weights and higher reps when trying to lose fat.

20. You can spot reduce fat by working that body part harder.

21. Leg training is optional.

22. "Toning:" workouts are different than muscle building workouts.

23. Behind the neck presses are dangerous.

24. Creatine is a steroid.

25. You should lose excess fat before beginning a weight training program.

26. Partial reps keep constant tension on a muscle and yield greater gains.

27. Benching with your arms at 90 degrees builds bigger pecs.

28. Machines are safer than free weights.

29. You don't need to deadlift unless you plan on being a powerlifter.

30. You don't need to squat unless you plan on being a powerlifter.

31. You can't squat more than once per week.

32. You need to deload every 4 weeks.

33. You should never squat and deadlift on the same training day.

34. You should not, under any circumstances, wear a lifting belt.

35. Whey protein isn't natural.

36. The bench press is bad for your shoulders.

37. Compound exercises make women look like male bodybuilders.

38. Women don't need barbells and dumbbells.

39. If you don't eat protein within 30 minutes after training you will lose all your gains.

40. You need to do a ton of cardio when trying to lose fat.

41. You must train to failure on every set.

42. You must never train to failure under any circumstances.

43. Strength training makes you fat.

44. Weight lifting is bad for teens.

45. Deadlifts are bad for your back and you shouldn't perform them.

46. There are magic rep ranges for muscle building.

47. There are magic workouts for muscle building.

48. You can make quality gains using only isolation exercises.

49. Cheat curls have no value at all.

50. Fat can be turned into muscle.

51. Bodybuilders don't need cardio.

52. Powerlifters don't need cardio.

53. Super slow reps are the ultimate way to build muscle.

54. Bodyweight exercises won't build muscle.

55. Cardio is a better calorie burner than resistance training.

56. Cardio melts off muscle.

57. Stretching is bad.

58. Stretching is required.

59. Mobility work is required.

60. Foam rolling is required.

61. You can change the shape of your bicep peak with concentration curls.

62. You can fill in the gap between your pecs with the right combination of exercises.

63. Weight training is bad for your joints.

64. Resistance training raises your blood pressure.

65. Barbell and dumbbell exercises stunt your growth.

66. Muscle will turn into fat if you stop lifting.

67. Squats give you a huge butt.

68. Squats give you a huge waist.

69. Weight training won't improve sports performance.

70. You must destroy your body to build bigger muscles.

71. How much you sweat is a good indicator of a workout's effectiveness.

72. You can get as big as a pro bodybuilder if you just train long enough.

73. The more you lift, the faster you grow.