3 Abdominal Lengthening Exercises

1. Ab Rollout

The first exercise Jason covers is the ab rollout from a knee position.

While there are multiple variations of this exercise, Jason feels doing it from a knee position allows you to roll all the way out, take a deep breath in, and really get a good contraction on the abs.

2. The Centipede

The second exercise Jason discusses is one of his personal favorites and has been using it with his clients for over 10 years.

To perform the centipede, you’re going to walk out as far as you can with your hands, squeeze the abdominals as hard as you can, and move your hands to walk them straight back to the starting position.

3. Hanging Leg Raise

For the third exercise, Jason recommends the hanging leg raise.

For beginners, keep your legs straight and contract your abs to bring them up and down straight in front of you.

For more advance lifters, bring your legs all the way up to your hands and lower one leg at a time slowly.